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    So it has been a while since I last posted, but don’t worry, this isn’t due to me not painting bikes, it is more due to me being lazy about posting. I’ve actually painted a few bikes since the last post, so here are a few pics and a little info on those.

    I originally stripped and clearcoated this Big Dummy for my friend Joel, but he decided he wanted something new. Here it is in Fluorescent Orange!

    This is a Gitane that was originally blue. The chrome stays really make this bike look nice. If you are interested in how lugged bikes look after powder, check out the other pictures of this one in my flickr and picasa accounts.

    This Trek w/couplers turned out really awesome. Its hard to see in the picture, but this green is just awesome. I am hoping to paint more bikes this color!

    My friend Kent from work brought me this CrossCheck, and it turned out great. It is a surprise for his wife, and I think he picked out an awesome blue. Hopefully she will be as pumped as he is!

    I just repainted and rebuilt my Surly 1×1 for some easier winter riding. The bike was orange, but I couldn’t match their color to paint the rims, so I just found a new orange to paint it with. It’s pretty fun to ride around in the snow, a little heavy, but I’ve resigned myself to not going super fast on it. The bright orange will hopefully help me be seen!

    This frame has been posted before on here when I painted it green. I didn’t really like how it turned out, and since it took a while before I got the rest of the parts, I redid it in black w/gold sparkle. Mr. Erik Noren of Peacock Groove helped me build the front rack, and it turned out real nice. It rides real nice too!

    This is the last bike of this post, and it was a really fun paint job. My colleague Andy at work had his Civia Hyland hanging in the department for a while, and after I told him I painted bikes for about 10 months, we finally decided on a color and pulled the trigger.  My cousin Tara helped me with the decals, and it really turned out awesome. The blue is powdercoat, but then I clearcoated it with wet paint so I could put the decals on under there and give them some protection. Of course we painted the fenders and chainguard to match. I am really pumped to see this bike on the street!

    So that’s what I have been up to lately, or since my last post anyway. Please take a look at my online albums for more pics of these sweet bikes!


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  • Andy wrote on December 24, 2010 at 11:08 //

    Dude, I didn’t know you painted bikes!! Well, Gooooly!!

    • admin wrote on November 9, 2012 at 9:12 //