AP stands for me, Anthony Peterson. I live in Minneapolis, MN and I paint Bicycles (and other stuff too). My goal is to provide an AFFORDABLE and DURABLE paint job. I can do powder coat or wet paint.



    Bicycles have the tendency to become very close and personal to their owner.
    There is NO better way to rekindle this fire to a rip-roaring blaze than with a new paint job! Read more here.



    Read in detail, the steps I take before and after I paint your bike. As well as the painting process. Read more here.



    Here are some helpful links and contacts that I use on a regular basis. Just in case you were wondering. Read more here.

Skills // Powder Coat, Wet Paint, Disassembly, Glass Bead Blasting, Sandblasting, Modifications to Forks & Frames, Assembly
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  • Super Mirror Orange and Super Mirror White (powder)

    Super Moped

  • Dormant Orange (powder), Full assembly w/ Campagnolo Athena build

    Road Hotness

  • Neon Orange w/ Clear Coat (powder)

    Surly Big Dummy

  • Super Mirror Black with Red Metallic II (powder), Full assembly

    2-Speed Kick Back

  • Gloss Black (wet paint), Full assembly including wheel build

    Fuji Single Speed

  • Super Mirror White w/ Blue Metal Flake Clear (powder), Full assembly including wheel build

    Salsa Casserroll

  • kevins-A

    Surly Cross Check

  • Telemagenta w/sparkle w/ Clear (powder)

    Ride & Smile

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